Going Cashless


A lot of Festivals these days are going down the cashless route and we are no different. We know you'll have questions, so have a read about the cashless revolution below!

What is a Cashless system?

A Cashless system is a way of paying for your food, drinks, rides and market stall goodies at the event. The cashless card replaces cash (notes and coins) and EFTPOS facilities at the event with one easy way of paying at all points around the Festival. It works in the same way a PayWave card does.

Why is the Brisbane BBQ Festival going Cashless?

The Cashless system allows us as Festival Operators to run the event with a whole lot less cash onsite. This means less change for floats, less staff required to look after the cash and less security to make sure there are no issues. This allows us to charge a lower fixed site fee to our vendors and keep the ticketing price lower for Festival-Goers.

The cashless system also means service is quicker as one payment system is operating and you, the customer, gets your food, drinks, rides and market stall goodies quicker and easier.  

How much will this system cost me as a Festival-Goer?

We have worked with Token, our cashless provider, to ensure that there are absolutely NO FEES for the cashless cards system.  That's right, zero, zip, zilch, nada, nothing.

A fully refundable $2 deposit is taken when first getting your card and given straight back to you, along with any unused credit when you return the card to the top up station. We want you to bring those cards back! Apart from getting your deposit and any unused credit, we also hate waste and want to be able to re-use those cashless cards for our next event!

So, in summary:

  • NO top up fees.
  • NO credit card fees.
  • NO refund fees. 

How do I get a Cashless Card at The Festival?

We will have two top-up stations with 5 windows each (that's 10 purchase points) at the Festival where you can grab your cashless card. They will be clearly marked on the site map as well as signs on the day. 

We highly recommend making it your first port-of-call as you enter.

Hot Tip: Head to the Top-Up Station furthest away from the entrance to avoid the queues as soon as you enter!

How do I pay to put credit on the Cashless Card?

You can use either Cash, EFTPOS or Credit Card to add credit to your Cashless Card.

There will be an ATM onsite if you want to take out cash and use that to top-up your card, but EFTPOS and credit cards are accepted at the Top Up Stations.

Will all the vendors be on the Cashless System?

All the bars, rides, food vendors and majority of market vendors will only accept payment wth your Cashless Card. The exception to payment with cashless card are for those market vendors who have a higher price on their individual products, making a smoother transaction for you and them at the Festival. 

Can I get a refund from my Cashless Card online or when the Festival is over?

To receive your refund, you must return your cashless card to the top-up station at the Festival between 11am and 7pm either Saturday or Sunday to receive your fully refundable $2 deposit and any unused credit. This is one of the ways that we have worked with our cashless provider to avoid $3 refund fees for our punters.