Brisbane's First 'Low And Slow' BBQ Festival Is Here

Barbecue battles, pop-up bars and all the slow, slow, slow-cooked meat you can slowly, slowly devour.

If you’ve been gorging yourself silly on American-style beef, ribs and pulled pork over the last year or so, then you’ve firmly jumped on the bandwagon of the latest food trend — and you might not even know it. We’re not talking about US-themed eateries, though they’re endlessly en vogue at the moment. We’re talking about meats cooked over long periods of time at a low temperature.

Without anyone really realising it, low and slow barbecuing has become Brisbane’s favourite style of food preparation, and now there’s a festival to prove it. Come July, South Brisbane will be engulfed in the kind of smoky, spicy taste sensations that can only come from taking your time to lock in as much goodness as possible.

More Info Via Concrete Playground